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AEON Code of Conduct

About the Establishment of the AEON Code of Conduct

On August 21, 2001, we established the “Corporate Commitment” to guide and direct the future course of the AEON Group. We have changed the corporate group name from “AEON Group” to “AEON,” and each and every member of the AEON family of companies has taken on the challenge of promoting innovation under the guiding principle that “everything we do, we do for our customers.”

The future will bring challenges to AEON’s value proposition. AEON must become a “trusted brand” to distinguish itself from the competition and earn customer loyalty. And to maintain that loyalty, we must work daily to evolve the AEON of the future, a company that constantly focuses on creating new value for customers.

So what is the AEON of the future? For example, if our customers are affected by a law or regulation they feel is unreasonable, we at AEON will strive to make things better for them, making our position clear and staying true to our core values. The center of our philosophy is the concept that “everything we do, we do for our customers.” This is an immutable principle that will never change, even as we ourselves are in constant renewal. Never satisfied with the status quo, always taking another step forward to improve our customers’ lifestyles—this is the AEON tradition. This is the AEON mission. And this is the reason AEON will always be there to serve the needs of future customers.

We have established the “AEON Code of Conduct” as a means to provide more clarity for the AEON of the future. The Code of Conduct helps us interpret AEON’s basic principles to know what actions we need to take for the benefit of our “customers of the era ahead.

” We pledge that beginning today, we will do everything in our power to promote and embody the AEON Code of Conduct. It is our hope that all AEON people will join us in sharing this sense of purpose, developing deep bonds of trust between us all.

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AEON Basic Principles

Pursuing peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local communities, always with the customer's point of view as its core.

The word aeon (AEON) has its origins in a Latin root meaning “eternity.” The customers’ beliefs and desires comprise the central core of our philosophy. At Aeon, our eternal mission as a corporate group is to benefit our customers, and our operations are thus customer-focused to the highest degree.

Aeon Basic Principles are the following :

“Peace” Aeon is a corporate group whose operations are dedicated to the pursuit of peace through prosperity.
“People” Aeon is a corporate group that respects human dignity and values personal relationships.
“Community” Aeon is a corporate group rooted in local community life and dedicated to making a continuing contribution to the community.

On the basis of the Aeon Basic Principles, Aoen practices its “Customer-First” philosophy with its ever-lasting innovative spirit.

Event & News

  • Announcement of Public Holiday  
    Announcement of Public Holiday , 2021-04-29

    We would like to inform our valued customers that our office and operation will be closed on (1st May’ 2021) due to Public Holiday. We will resume our operation on (2nd May’ 2021). We apologize for your inconvenience.

  • Announcement of Public Holiday  
    Announcement of Public Holiday , 2021-04-12

    We would like to inform our valued customers that our office and operation will be closed from 13th April 2021 to 19th April’ 2021 due to Myanmar New Year Festival. We will resume our operation on 20th April’ 2021. We apologize for your inconvenience.

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