Event & News

  • UAB Bank Internet Banking  
    UAB Bank Internet Banking , 2018-05-15

    In order to provide better service regarding repayment options, we would like to inform that our customers can make repayment by UAB internet banking.

  • Warning for broker activities  
    Warning for broker activities , 2018-05-15

    Dear Customers

    Currently it was found that some people are promoting AEON S-Loan services personally and obtaining 10,000 kyats to 30,000 kyats to assist for application processing by using fake documents.

  • Loan Calculator

    You can calculate monthly repayment amount with your desired finance amount.

  • AEON Application Point

    Find your nearest AEON application point for your convenience.

  • Repayment Option

    We cooperate with Banks. Find your nearest repayment counter for your convenience.