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  • Can customer make an repayment through mobile banking?

    Yes, Customers can make repayments through CB Mobile Banking, AYA mBanking & iBanking Services. For more information, CB Mobile Banking Click here . AYA mBanking & iBanking Click here

  • How can customers apply AEON S-Loan Scheme?

    Customers can apply AEON S-Loan Scheme via designated application points together with required documents. For more information of Aeon S-Loan scheme, please click here

  • What is designated application point and where is it located?

    The place where customers can apply AEON S-Loan Scheme & handle for accepting customer applications. For more information of Aeon application points and addresses , please click here.

  • Can students apply AEON's S-Loan Scheme?

    Based on AEON's criteria, students are not entitled yet to apply for AEON's S-Loan Scheme.

  • Any age criteria to apply AEON's S- Loan Scheme?

    For more information of S-Loan criteria, please click here.

  • What are the necessary documents to apply AEON S-Loan Scheme?

    For more information of required documentation , please click here

  • How much is the interest rate for AEON's S- Loan Scheme?

    1.4% per Loan. For more information of interest rate and calculation , please click here.

  • Is there any service charges apart from interests?

    Yes, customers have to pay service charges 5,000 ks per application at agent after loan approval and no need to pay if the applicantion was rejected or cancelled.

  • How many finance terms are there and any criteria for it?

    For more information of finance terms and criteria , please click here.

  • How can customer utilize the loan from designated application points after approval from AEON?

    Customer himself/herself can go to application points to utilize the loan by showing sms from mobile along with his/her Original NRC.

  • Will every application be approved after applying from application points?

    No. AEON will only provide S-Loan to entitled customers with AEON's criteria.

  • How can customers know their application result after confirming application data from application form?

    AEON will send SMS to customers' mobile for the status of Loan application. For further information, please mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-8604201 ~ 4.

  • Where can customers make monthly repayments?

    AEON Office, CB Bank Counters and CB Mobile Banking, AYA Bank Counters and AYA mBanking & AYA iBanking, KBZ Bank Counters, UAB Bank Counters, AGD Bank Counters. For more information of bank locations and payment process, please click here.

  • Can anyone make repayments on behalf of customers if customer is not around in yangon?

    Yes. That person need to provide actual customer information to bank. (Customer Name, Customer ID, Repayment amount)

  • What should customer do if wrong information is inputted during payment at Bank?

    Customer must inform AEON so that payment can be procressed with correct information by AEON accordingly.

  • Where is AEON office located in Yangon?

    It's located in Building (D), 2nd Floor, Unit #212, Pearl Centre, Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township, Yangon. For more information of address , please click here.