Company Name AEON Financial Service Co.,Ltd.
Establishment 20 June, 1981
Capital Stock ¥30,301 million
Office Terrace square,22,3-chome, Kandanishiki-cho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,Japan
President and CEO Kenji Kawahara
(As of September 30, 2014)
34.86 million (including 10.81 million overseas cardholders)

To achieve “Customer Satisfaction” we must establish a workplace that fosters close interpersonal relationships and meaningful work. If our people feel unfulfilled, we will not be able to create a business that satisfies AEON customers. Creating a meaningful workplace is the responsibility of each one of us.

AEON people are irreplaceable assets.

AEON people are the most important assets we have at AEON. The AEON people comprise the factor that creates value for AEON, and when each individual contributes his or her talents, our business prospers and AEON people feel fulfilled. Our creativity and inquisitive spirit are the driving forces behind innovation at AEON.

To accomplish “Customer Satisfaction” we must reflect in our business practices the opinions and ideas of each individual. AEON expects the participation of all AEON people. Because we expect this of you, we provide challenging opportunities for anyone with the will and desire to improve. At the same time, AEON people will be objectively evaluated based on their performance, and compensated fairly.

AEON respects human rights, and will not discriminate against anyone based on nationality, race, gender, age, educational background, religion, sexual orientation, physical handicap, or anything else not related to desire, hard work, and talent. AEON people respect and listen to their co-workers. Our goal is to be recognized as the friendliest, people-oriented company to work for in the world.

We will continue to work together toward a
"future of limitless promise."

AEON strives to conduct innovative and sound management practices that result in high returns for its shareholders.
At AEON, we maintain close dialogues with our shareholders, so that we can resolve their concerns about managerial issues.

We believe that our shareholders are managerial partners. We respect the resolutions adopted at the annual shareholders’ meeting, as well as each individual shareholder’s opinion, and we incorporate them in our daily management activities in our efforts toward “Customer Satisfaction.”

At AEON, our goal is to achieve sound growth and high shareholder return through innovative business practices focused on the

We believe that focusing on “Customer Satisfaction” leads to sound growth, which in turn leads to high returns for our shareholders. “Customer Satisfaction” drives us to find new and innovative ways to serve our customers.

At AEON, we keep fair and accurate accounting records, disclosing management results without false manipulation.

We retain independent auditors to verify the accuracy of our financial statements and other accounting records. We report the results of our business to our shareholders without false manipulation, maintaining a high standard of corporate transparency.

At AEON, we comply strictly with all rules regulating the buying and selling of marketable securities.

We maintain a high degree of transparency in all of our securities transactions, taking great care to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

At AEON, we disclose information promptly and accurately,and respond to events in a forthright manner.

We pledge that if we are ever involved in an accident or unfortunate incident, we will immediately disclose this information to the public, and we will take appropriate action without regard to where the responsibility may lie.

Our AEON has been built by AEON people through their tireless and innovative efforts. The future history of AEON will also be written by AEON people. Let us use the “AEON Code of Conduct” to guide our ideas and actions as we all participate in building a new “AEON Culture.”

The AEON Culture is represented by an outlook that is “AEON like.” It is shared by our customers, the community, our business partners, our shareholders, and AEON people. It begins by sincerely and faithfully doing “everything for our customers.” As we hold to this course, we create a culture for AEON. And the trust born of this effort is manifested in the AEON brand (goodwill).

You are AEON

When you deal with our business partners, you demonstrate to them through your sincere attitude and actions the “AEON like” spirit—something that cannot be imitated by other companies. This spirit should guide the attitude you project as you meet with other members of the community.

When you are assisting your customers, and when you spend time with your co-workers, your actions—even those that seem casual and inconspicuous—will accumulate to build the AEON Culture. You yourself are AEON, and your actions are AEON’s actions.

Advancing together with AEON people.
Now beings a new chapter in the history of AEON.

AEON respects innovative business partners who help the company achieve its objective of
The term
At AEON, we cooperate with our business partners,all of whom are important to us, moving forward together to develop innovative business models that will open the gate to the next era.

We cultivate strong relationships with our partners, together pursuing innovative business practices, better products, better services, and our mutual success.

At AEON, we clearly document agreements with business partners, and strictly follow the letter of such agreements.

We maintain equality with our business partners, connected through formal agreements. Both parties strictly adhere to all agreed-upon contract provisions.

At AEON, we respect business partners whose top priority is safety and customer peace of mind/assurance.

We and all of our business partners share the common goal of “Customer Satisfaction.” If the smallest doubt exists regarding the safety or trust of a product or service, we work with our business partners to promptly ascertain the nature of the concern and resolve the issue.

At AEON, we require our business partners to comply with both the letter and spirit of international standards and to practice them fully.

AEON complies with and respects all generally recognized international standards, including those related to ISO, labor, environmental conservation, and quality management. We also require our business partners to strictly observe these same standards.

At AEON, we do not tolerate the acceptance of gifts, money,or special favors from our business partners.

We select business partners based on their ability to offer better products and services at fair prices. Individuals do not accept any gifts, money, or special treatment from a business partner designed to secure our business in any situation. All efforts must go toward benefits to the customers.

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