AEON S-Loan Scheme

AEON S-Loan Application Detail Requirement

Following documents and condition are required for your application.

NoDcuments RequiredConditionApplicantGuarantor
1 NRC (Copy) NRC must be valid and issued after the age of 18
2 Residence Proof (Original) Issued by currently living local commune within one month

Permanent/ temporary household schedule (Copy) or

House rental or Evidence of ownership (Copy) or

Criminal Clearance Letter (Original)

Current and valid issued within one month
4 Income Proof (Original)

Private/Public company Staff

- With Company Letter head & address, mentioning applicant's name, salary, year of service & position and authorized person signature issued within one month

Government Staff

With Sealed and signed by authorized officer and mentioning authorized officer name, position and personal's no. (for military/ police), applicant's name, position and personal's no. (for military/ police) salary, year of service & position issued within one month.


Valid Business Register Certification or Trading License or Valid Contract/ Agreement with partners.