AEON endeavors to provide its customers withassurance and trust in their daily lives, in keeping with the view that
At AEON, our first priority is to ensure customer safety. Our customers enjoy a level of assurance only AEON can offer.

We always conduct all of our business activities (products, services, hygiene, facilities, information, etc.) with customer safety as the top priority. If there is the smallest doubt regarding customer safety, we will promptly ascertain the nature of the concern and work to resolve the issue.

At AEON, we keep our promises to our customers, always behaving with integrity.

We take personal responsibility to uphold the promises in our flyers and in advertisements concerning deliveries and repairs with all of our customers. If any incident or business problem should arise, we will disclose faithfully all relevant information and respond if there are further questions.

At AEON, we offer high-quality products and services at reasonable prices.

We strive to offer high-quality products and services so our customers can enjoy enriched lives. At the same time, we are actively engaged in re-inventing our business practices so we can offer our products and services at even lower prices. At AEON, our goal is to be the retailer that leads the way in offering customers high-quality products at reasonable prices.

At AEON, we wrap our products and services in a warm greeting and a friendly smile.

In addition to products and services, AEON customers can always look forward to a pleasant greeting and a caring, friendly smile. When we greet customers in our store, in our offices and over the phone, they will know what we mean when we say “AEON friendliness.”

At AEON,  the voice of the customer gives management its direction, and we strive to address customer desires in all business practices.

We consider all customer opinions, requests, and complaints to be the starting point for management decisions. We gratefully listen to and acknowledge our customers’ voices as a valuable contribution to our uniqueness, and we work to quickly react to their input.