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To Prevent Covid Virus

(Stay at home as much as possible)
Do not go out except for work and emergencies. Stay at home as much as possible and prevent infection.

(Wear a mask properly)
Wear a mask when you go out or when you have to go to crowded places. Never touch the mask while using it. Only handle and remove the rear strap. Dispose of it properly and wash your hands properly.

The virus is mainly transmitted by hand, so it can be spread by contact with infected objects. Before handling food, wash with soap and water or at least 60% alcohol (hand sanitizer) for at least 20 seconds after each meal and after defecation.

Do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose without wash your hands.

(Avoid going to public places)
Avoid crowds and crowded places. Stay at least 6 feet apart. Wear a mask when you must go out. If possible, stay home.

Use only after disinfecting daily used objects such as glasses and phones

(Cover mouth and nose securely while cough and sneeze)
Every time you cough, cover your nose and mouth securely with your elbows (or) disposable tissue.

If you experience any symptoms such as illness, cough, breathe hard, exhaustion, report it to your nearest health care provider as soon as possible. Only then can you protect your environment. This will prevent the family and community from becoming infected.