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Announcement Of Repayment Information

For convenience of customer repayment, AEON has already cooperated with Banks, Mobile Payment Channels and Agents Shops. The customers can make payment through Banks or Mobile Payment Channels such as KBZ Bank, AYA Bank, UAB Bank, AGD Bank, MAB Bank, True Money, Ongo, Wave Money, Pay Here and Near Me.

We would like to inform and insist that we have never requested to make any remittance or money transfer to other personal accounts, other than our AEON company bank account. We would like to inform that the customer can make repayment to AEON after filling up the Agreement Number (16 digits) and Phone Number.

Please keep this information for further references and please do not hesitate to contact through AEON Hotline No. 09 969 712 111 and inform us if any other suspicious on requesting remittances are found out.