AEON strives to conduct innovative and sound management practices that result in high returns for its shareholders.
At AEON, we maintain close dialogues with our shareholders, so that we can resolve their concerns about managerial issues.

We believe that our shareholders are managerial partners. We respect the resolutions adopted at the annual shareholders’ meeting, as well as each individual shareholder’s opinion, and we incorporate them in our daily management activities in our efforts toward “Customer Satisfaction.”

At AEON, our goal is to achieve sound growth and high shareholder return through innovative business practices focused on the

We believe that focusing on “Customer Satisfaction” leads to sound growth, which in turn leads to high returns for our shareholders. “Customer Satisfaction” drives us to find new and innovative ways to serve our customers.

At AEON, we keep fair and accurate accounting records, disclosing management results without false manipulation.

We retain independent auditors to verify the accuracy of our financial statements and other accounting records. We report the results of our business to our shareholders without false manipulation, maintaining a high standard of corporate transparency.

At AEON, we comply strictly with all rules regulating the buying and selling of marketable securities.

We maintain a high degree of transparency in all of our securities transactions, taking great care to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

At AEON, we disclose information promptly and accurately,and respond to events in a forthright manner.

We pledge that if we are ever involved in an accident or unfortunate incident, we will immediately disclose this information to the public, and we will take appropriate action without regard to where the responsibility may lie.