Vision Statement

Create a future lifestyle that leads to a smile for each and every person

The Future that the AEON Group Wishes to Realize

The Future that the AEON Group Wishes to Realize

When customers can feel “a brighter society”
and “happiness that is uniquely their own”,
their future will be fulfilling and full of smiles

A future where our customers can feel a brighter society

A lifestyle with more new conveniences, comfort, and excitement. Resolving anxieties about environmental issues, disparities, and other negative aspects caused by social development.
We wish to achieve these to realize a future where our customers can feel a brighter society.

A future where our customers can feel happiness that is uniquely their own

To enable customers to understand their own potential and achieve self-growth; to be able to express their own personalities and charm. To enable them to find the right platform for themselves, with partners who can empathize and trust one another.
We wish to achieve this to realize a future where our customers can feel their own happiness.

A future where our customers will be fulfilled and full of smiles

Social development and individual happiness can sometimes conflict. Balancing these things will make our customers fulfilled and bring smiles to their faces. We wish to realize a future where smiles spread as far as one can imagine.

How the AEON Group Wishes to Be

How the AEON Group Wishes to Be

A Group that leads the co-creation of lifestyles,
enriching each individual and society as a whole

We wish to be a group that creates a future lifestyle full of smiles together with our customers and colleagues who share our vision.
We wish to be a leading group that grows by enriching society and individual lives through our innovation and co-creation.
We will evolve our products and services, playing roles with the keyword of “connection” to provide unprecedented value.

Connect deeply with individuals

We will deepen connections through contact points before and after the provision of products and services, and we will approach individual lifestyles comprehensively to understand our customers’ emotions and reactions. We will provide the value that our customers desire so that they can understand their own potential, express their individuality, and enjoy their everyday lives.

Connect individuals with one another

We will consider individual preferences and values as an opportunity to connect our customers with one another. We will provide our customers with opportunities, times, and places to share happiness and excitement with others, with whom they can empathize and trust, beyond the boundaries of generations and distance.

Connect individuals with society

We will bring fulfillment to our customers by connecting them to their surroundings or enabling them to make a positive impact on others. We will provide opportunities and means for them to utilize their individuality and capabilities to experience the happiness of being part of society.

Expand the circle of connections

We will expand the circle of connections, from our customers’ neighborhoods to their regions and to the world, and enable them to imagine the richness of society as a whole, through their daily lives. We will also strive with our customers to create a lifestyle filled with the happiness of a brighter society.

The Attitudes and Vow that We Cherish

In order to achieve our vision as a corporate group that is committed to everlasting innovative spirit, we will share the following three attitudes and one vow that we cherish to create a future lifestyle full of smiles.

Three attitudes

“Act spontaneously and follow your aspirations”

With our customer’s view point at our core, we will hold our own aspirations, express ourselves, and act proactively. Our innovation will be powered by dialogue and cooperation that comes from our own initiative.

“Keep learning to create new values”

Continuous learning is what expands the potential of our actions. Through practice, we will accumulate wisdom, sharpen our professional skills, and continuously create new values.

“Build relationships, nurture them, and create together”

We will overcome the boundaries between corporations, groups, and organizations so we can build and nurture diverse connections. These connections will accelerate the cycles of mutual learning and value creation so we can co-create the future lifestyle.

One vow

“Always act with integrity and sincerity”

It is integrity and sincerity that allow people to trust in our actions and empathize with our aspirations. Empathy from our customers and allies is the starting point of co-creation. Going forward, we will cherish our vow to always act with integrity and sincerity.


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