1981Jun Nihon Credit Service Co., Ltd., established
Jul Commence operations relating to Jusco Card
Dec Commence hire purchase operations
1982Oct Commence credit card cash advance operations
1984Apr Registered by the Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau as a money lender
Sep Begin installing a network of cash dispensers (CDs)
1985May Commence insurance agency operations. Begin providing life insurance products to cardholders
1986May Begin issuing combined Jusco/Yucho (Postal Savings system) Card
1987Oct Open branch in Hong Kong, which commences hire purchase operations. This marks the beginning of overseas operations in Asia
1988Aug Form a reciprocal agreement to use credit sales (shinpan) firms' and bank-affiliated card companies' CDs
Aug Begin providing specific-purpose loans to cardholders
Dec Begin issuing Jusco VISA Card through an alliance with Visa Japan Association
1989Jan Begin issuing Jusco MasterCard through an alliance with MasterCard International Incorporated
Feb Begin issuing Jusco JCB Card through an alliance with JCB Co., Ltd.
Jul Registered as a provider of installment payment services (registration number Kan-17)
1990Jan NCS Kosan Co.,Ltd established as a 100%-owned subsidiary engaged in insurance agency operations
Jul AEON CREDIT SERVICE (ASIA) CO., LTD., established in Hong Kong
1992Dec AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Plc. established in Thailand
1993Feb Form a reciprocal agreement to use the bank-operated network of CDs and automated teller machines(ATMs)
1994Apr Begin issuing co-branded cards and commence credit card operations for purchases at affiliated merchants
May Begin providing members' loans to cardholders
Aug The Company's name changed to AEON CREDIT SERVICE CO.,LTD.
Dec The Company's shares registered on the JASDAQ (over-the-counter)market
1995Sep The shares of AEON CREDIT SERVICE (ASIA) CO., LTD., listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
1996Jan Begin making charitable donations to disabled welfare organizations and commence volunteer activities with the aim of helping facilitate full social participation by the physically disabled
Jul Open a card processing center
Nov Begin issuing the Midori-no-Bokin AEON Card allowing cardholders to make charitable donations through their credit card purchases
Dec The Company's shares listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Dec AEON CREDIT SERVICE (M) Sdn.Bhd.established in Malaysia
Dec Begin supporting the Japan Braille Library and the National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization through the Tokimeki Point System
1997Nov Begin issuing Toys "R" Us Card through an alliance with Toys "R" Us-Japan, Ltd.
1998Jun Begin issuing credit card made of PET-G (a non-chlorinated vinyl), which does not emit dioxin even if burned
Jun Launch the AEON Cared Net Branch web site, which provides online servise for cardholders
Aug The Company's shares listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Sep ACS Finance Co.,Ltd.,established as a 100%-owned subsidiary engaged in consumer finance operations
1999Jan Form a reciprocal agreement to use Japan Post's network of CDs and automated teller machines (ATMs)
Feb ACS Credit Management Co., Ltd., established as a 100%-owned subsidiary engaged in servicer operations
Mar Open a call center
Dec AEON CREDIT SERVICE (TAIWAN) CO., LTD., established in Taiwan
2000Jan Commence issuign a combined credit card / ATM card in cooperation with banks
Mar Open a credit screening center
Mar Begin using environment-friendly glassine paper for envelope windows used in sending out cardholder statements
Jul Launch the AEON Market web site containing a wide range of useful content and shopping information for cardholders
Oct Begin issuing AEON Card as an integrated card replacing a range of cards issued by AEON Group companies, including Jusco Card
2001Mar Open a credit control center
Jun Become the industry's first credit card issuer to provide an electronic system to credit card applicants for selecting a direct debit account for card payments
Jul All 55 of the Company's offices in Japan (including the headquarters) receive ISO 14001 environmental certification
Dec Shares of AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Plc. listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand
2002Jan All head office divisions and the Company's seven main branches receive ISO 9001 quality certification
Apr Begin issuing SATY VIVRE Card through an alliance with MYCAL CORPORATION
May Become the first Japanese corporate group to be licensed by Taiwan's Ministry of Finance to issue credit cards in Taiwan
Aug AEON Credit Card (Taiwan) Co., Ltd., established in Taiwan
2003Jan The Company is certified under the Privacy Mark System
Feb Obtain ISO 9001 certification for quality menagement covering all domestic branches and offices
Sep Open a data management center to facilitate stringent and unified management of important cardholder information
Sep Commence AEON My Car Lease service in cooperation with Hitachi Capital Corporation
Dec Begin issuing AEON Gold Card to AEON Card cardholders
2004Apr AEON CREDIT SERVICE (M)Sdn. Bhd. is granted a license to issue credit cards by Bank Negara Malaysia
Jul Become Japan's first credit card company to waive annual fees on all its cards,including AEON Gold Card and ETC(electronic toll collection) cards.
Jul The Company is certified under the Information Security Management System(ISMS) conformity assessment scheme
Jul Begin Tokimeki Point bonus day on the 10th of every month (five times the normal number of Tokimeki Points are accrude on purchases)
Aug Open a representative office in Jakarta, Indonesia
Nov Open AEON Investment Market as Japan's first Internet-based securities intermediation service
2005Feb Established Thai subsidiary ACS INSURANCE BROKER (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
Commenced insurance agency business
Aug Obtained highest primary servicer rating (ABPS2+) in Japan from Fitch Ratings Ltd.
Nov Commenced first non-bank credit card issuance in Malaysia through Malaysian subsidiary AEON CREDIT SERVICE (M) SDN. BHD.
2006Jan Reached basic agreement on strategic business proposals relating to COSMO OIL Co., Ltd. and the credit business
May Established Indonesian subsidiary PT. AEON CREDIT SERVICE INDONESIA
Jun Obtained ISO 27001 information management security system certification
Aug Established Chinese subsidiary AEON Credit Guarantee (China) Co., LTD.
Nov Commenced AEONiD cellular phone credit service in cooperation with NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
2007Feb Renamed Malaysian subsidiary AEON CREDIT SERVICE (M) SDN. BHD. to AEON CREDIT SERVICE (M) BERHAD in preparation for public listing
Feb Commenced issuance of AEON Suica Card all-in-one electronic money card in cooperation with East Japan Railway Company
Feb Established Thai subsidiary ACS LIFE INSURANCE BROKER (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
Apr Commenced issuance of original AEON electronic money, “WAON”
2008Feb Established Philippines subsidiary AEON CREDIT TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS (PHILIPPINES) INC.
Jun Established Vietnam subsidiary ACS TRADING VIETNAM CO., LTD.
Nov Established Hong Kong subsidiary AEON INSURANCE BROKERS (HK) LIMITED
2009Feb Commenced issuance of AEON CARD SELECT in cooperation with Credit card,Cash card Electronic Money
Jul AEON CO.,LTD.and NTT DoCoMo,INC.has establishied a joint venture company,named AEON MARKETING Co.ltd.
2010Jul Acquisition of shares of MC Short Term Small Amount Insurance Co., Ltd.
(Name being changed to AEON Short Term Small Amount Insurance Co., Ltd.)
Sep Agreement with China Union Pay for the tie-up in wide range of business areas such as card issuance, settlement service and merchant development, etc,.
Oct Established a portal website for one-stop financial service: Aeon financial service "Kurashi-no-Money Site".
2011Feb Sold off the shares of AEON Insurance Service CO., LTD.
Apr Established Chinese subsidiary AEON MICRO FINANCE (SHENYANG) CO.,LTD.
Apr Established Asian Business Division in Hong Kong for unify the Asian business
2012Jan Acquisition of shares of TOSHIBA HOUSING LOAN SERVICE CO., LTD.
(Name being changed to AEON HOUSING LOAN SERVICE CO., LTD.)
Jun Establised Hong Kong a regional headquarters for China , AEON Credit Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Sep Established China subsidiary AEON Micro Finance (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
2013Feb Established India subsidiary AEON CREDIT SERVICE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED
Mar Established Philippines subsidiary AEON CREDIT SERVICE (PHILIPPINES) INC.
Apr Through the Management Integration,the company changed into a holding company(a bank holding company)and canged its name to AEON Financial Service Co,Ltd.
Apr Established China subsidiary AEON MICRO FINANCE (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD.
May Acquisition of shares of TOSHIBA FINANCE CO., LTD.(Name being changed to AEON Product Finance)
Jul Established Myanmar subsidiary AEON MICROFINANCE(MYANMAR)CO.,LTD.