To achieve “Customer Satisfaction” we must establish a workplace that fosters close interpersonal relationships and meaningful work. If our people feel unfulfilled, we will not be able to create a business that satisfies AEON customers. Creating a meaningful workplace is the responsibility of each one of us.

AEON people are irreplaceable assets.

AEON people are the most important assets we have at AEON. The AEON people comprise the factor that creates value for AEON, and when each individual contributes his or her talents, our business prospers and AEON people feel fulfilled. Our creativity and inquisitive spirit are the driving forces behind innovation at AEON.

To accomplish “Customer Satisfaction” we must reflect in our business practices the opinions and ideas of each individual. AEON expects the participation of all AEON people. Because we expect this of you, we provide challenging opportunities for anyone with the will and desire to improve. At the same time, AEON people will be objectively evaluated based on their performance, and compensated fairly.

AEON respects human rights, and will not discriminate against anyone based on nationality, race, gender, age, educational background, religion, sexual orientation, physical handicap, or anything else not related to desire, hard work, and talent. AEON people respect and listen to their co-workers. Our goal is to be recognized as the friendliest, people-oriented company to work for in the world.

We will continue to work together toward a
"future of limitless promise."