Our AEON has been built by AEON people through their tireless and innovative efforts. The future history of AEON will also be written by AEON people. Let us use the “AEON Code of Conduct” to guide our ideas and actions as we all participate in building a new “AEON Culture.”

The AEON Culture is represented by an outlook that is “AEON like.” It is shared by our customers, the community, our business partners, our shareholders, and AEON people. It begins by sincerely and faithfully doing “everything for our customers.” As we hold to this course, we create a culture for AEON. And the trust born of this effort is manifested in the AEON brand (goodwill).

You are AEON

When you deal with our business partners, you demonstrate to them through your sincere attitude and actions the “AEON like” spirit—something that cannot be imitated by other companies. This spirit should guide the attitude you project as you meet with other members of the community.

When you are assisting your customers, and when you spend time with your co-workers, your actions—even those that seem casual and inconspicuous—will accumulate to build the AEON Culture. You yourself are AEON, and your actions are AEON’s actions.

Advancing together with AEON people.
Now beings a new chapter in the history of AEON.